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2 min readApr 12, 2022

GOBNB team is proud to announce the tier-based GOBNB NFTs that we have been working on for a while. Besides being collectibles, our NFTs will also be fully utilized in the upcoming GOBNB P2E game. The scarcity of the NFTs will be determined based on two different metrics: Tiers and Attributes.

Rarity Tiers

Tiers tie into a larger collectible system provided by the GOBNB NFTs Collection. In the P2E game, the gamers will get the exact racing cars that are depicted on their NFTs. Our NFTs are divided into four rarity tiers: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

Legendary NFTs are of the highest level, meaning that only a very small number of this tier will be available. On the opposite side, Common is of the lowest level, meaning that a large number of this tier will be available in the collection. Now let’s explain how these tiers are defined.

1. Common

Common comes with a large number of varieties. The variety will depend on the colors and for each model of the car we’ll have dozens of colors.

2. Rare

Rare is the second most common tier right above Common. These NFT cars will have some simple decals on them.

3. Epic

Epic is the rarest tier right below Legendary. The cars have cooler decals on them.

4. Legendary

Each model will have only 1 Legendary NFT. It’s always one of a kind.


All GOBNB NFTs will have 4 attributions:
- Model
- Category
- Color
- Decal

We’ll release more info on how the attributions work in upcoming publications.

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