Partnership with NestSwap


πŸ₯© Stake GoBNB >> Earn GoBNB


GoBNB ($GOBNB) is a new reward token that pays out holders 6% rewards in BNB 😍

Go racing, yes GoBNB will have racing car NFTs for their Play 2 Earn future game.

What car for Hummingbird Finance?

Available to buy on Nestswap

GOBNB (Contract)


πŸ‘‰Set Slippage to 11–12%

Tax And Rewards πŸ‘‡

_ 2% For Marketing πŸ“Š

_ 2% Goes To Liquidity πŸ”

_ 6% Rewards To Holders πŸ™ŒπŸ’Ž

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GOBNB token

GoBNB is a vetted BNB reflection token on BNB Smart Chain with an auto-claim feature. Hold $GOBNB tokens in your wallet and earn BNB as a reward.